Your PowerMic Probably Isn’t Broken

Your PowerMic Probably Isn't Broken

One of the more common issues our technical support team runs into is “My PowerMic isn’t working.” If this is the case, chances are yours is misconfigured, and is working just fine. Troubleshooting these microphones can seem difficult, but we’ve created this guide to address the most common problems we see with the PowerMic II and how to easily correct them.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade, check out the Nuance PowerMic III.

“I can’t select the PowerMic as a source when creating a profile

Solution: One of the most common problems that new users make is installing Dragon and immediately trying to create a profile. If you do not have the PowerMic installed and plugged in, Dragon will not allow you to select it as a microphone source. Before creating a user profile, close Dragon and plug in the Mic. It will self-install, and Windows will give you a notification in the system tray that your device is ready to use. You can now open Dragon and create a profile, with the PowerMic being an available option.

“Windows doesn’t recognize my PowerMic”

Solution: If your PowerMic did not properly install when plugged in, unplug it and plug it into a different USB port. This will cause the mic to reinstall. If this still does not correct the issue, unplug your mic, restart your PC and try again. Your device should show up as a “PowerMicII-NS” under recording devices.

“My PowerMic buttons don’t work”

Solution: If your microphone is working but your buttons are not, you have the wrong audio source selected in Dragon Medical. A common mistake is to setup the PowerMic as a USB device when creating a user profile or adding a new audio source. If the microphone is setup as a generic USB microphone, Dragon will not recognize the buttons on your mic. To correct this, simply click “Profile” and “Add dictation source to current profile.” Select the PowerMic and walk through the sound volume and quality check.

“I recently upgraded to Windows 10 now my PowerMic doesn’t work”

Solution: If you are using any Dragon Medical software other than Dragon Medical Practice Edition II, you will not be able to use your PowerMic in Windows 10 Dragon may “see” the PowerMic as a generic USB mic, but you will not be able to use any of the buttons.  Please also keep in mind that the only supported version of Dragon Medical (by both Total Voice Technologies and Nuance) on Windows 10 is Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. If you have already migrated to Windows 10, your best option would be to upgrade to the latest version of Dragon Medical.

If all of the above does not solve your problems and your PowerMic is still not working, we have a great PowerMic trade-in/repair program and can get you up and running again quickly.