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Infinity Foot Pedal IN-USB-3


The IN-USB-3 Infinity Foot Pedal offers durable construction and an ergonomic design. It’s compatible with over 100 different software applications.

Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Software Kit


The AS-9000 Transcription Kit is the perfect companion with Olympus DS Series devices, the professional dictation systems that provide a complete, end-to-end business solution.

Olympus RS-27 Foot Pedal


The Olympus RS-27 Transcription Foot Pedal enables the user to playback, fast forward, and?rewind without taking your fingers off of the keyboard.

Olympus RS-31 Foot Pedal


The new Olympus RS-31 USB Foot Pedal features four configurable pedals allowing the transcriptionist to create the most comfortable setup for their typing needs.

Philips ACC2330 Foot Control


The Philips ACC2330 foot pedal was designed based off of 30 years of experience and research, customer feedback, and in close cooperation with day-to-day users.

Philips LFH7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit With 2 Year Subscription SpeechExec Pro Software


Philips LFH7277 SpeechExec Pro Digital Transcription Kit is a powerful and user-friendly digital transcription system for professionals that turns your computer into a highly sophisticated transcription machine.

Transcription Foot Pedals

For a fast and accurate transcription, a foot pedal is one of the essential pieces of equipment that every transcriptionist should have. We offer only the best transcription foot pedals that enables users to playback, fast forward, and rewind audio files without taking your fingers off of the keyboard. Every foot pedal for transcription is designed to be compatible with the most common Transcription Software that exists in the marketplace today. The Infinity Foot Pedal is the most popular and universal option and can help streamline your workflow.