As the world’s leading brand for unparalleled dictation and transcription solutions, Olympus has a lot to be proud of. It all started in 1969 when Olympus unveiled the world’s first microcassette recorder. The Zuiko Pearlcorder offered portability and ease of use, and it instantly revolutionized the way that doctors, lawyers, journalists and people in countless other professions worked. Since then, Olympus dictation machines have improved. Browse Olympus digital transcription equipment and accessories below.

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Olympus A-517 AC Power Cable


The Olympus A-517 AC Power Cable is the charging cable for the Olympus CR-15 USB Docking Station.

Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Software Kit


The AS-9000 Transcription Kit is the perfect companion with Olympus DS Series devices, the professional dictation systems that provide a complete, end-to-end business solution.

Olympus BR-403 Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack


This rechargeable nickel metal-hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack is designed for use with the Olympus DS-5000, DS-5000iD, DS-4000 and DS-3300.

Olympus CR-10 USB Docking Station


The Olympus CR-10 Docking Cradle is for the DS-5000 or DS-5000iD voice recorders.

Olympus CR-15 USB Docking Station


This is a replacement the CR-15 docking station that is included with the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 digital recorders. It serves several purposes including easy data transfer, battery recharging, and hands free dictation.

Olympus CR-21 USB Docking Station


This cradle/docking station for the Olympus DS‑9500 allows you to transfer your dictations via USB or LAN.

Olympus Dictation App


The new Olympus Dictation application for iOS and Android allows users to capture recordings on the go – and instantly insert them into their office workflows.

Olympus DS-9500 & AS-9000 Dictation & Transcription Bundle


Olympus’s top of the line professional digital recorder with the latest ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management Software), along with the latest Olympus transcription kit, creates a simple yet powerful Dictation/Transcription solution.

Olympus E-102 Stereo Headset


The Olympus E-102 Stereo Transcription Headset is light weight, comfortable and one of the best values in transcribing headsets available.

Olympus E-62 Stereo Headset


The Olympus E-62 Stereo Transcription Headset is light weight, comfortable and is one of the finest style of transcribing headsets available.

Olympus KP-21 USB Download Cable


The Olympus KP-21 USB Download Cable is is for uploading and downloading the voice files from Olympus DS-5000 and DS-5000iD digital voice recorders.

Olympus KP-30 USB Download Cable


The Olympus KP-30 USB Download Cable is is for uploading and downloading the files from Olympus DS-9500 digital voice recorder.